Options in Ukraine

Listening to the news reports, you’d think the West has no real options when it comes to working with Putin. I think this is an empty assertion and that the West is talking about everything EXCEPT the one thing that could help; talk.

I agree with the pundits who report that sanctions, isolation, and holding back attendance at the G8 Summit are options. But to mention these without stating the obvious – that Putin is more concerned with his wallet (which is full) than the wallets of his people, that isolationism only emboldens him to flaunt his muscle and allows him to activate his people against the West, and that the G8 consequence means very little knowing he is the lynchpin for negotiations with Iran and Syria – is irresponsible.

The saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” rings true for me these days. Kerry and Obama need to seduce the incendiary volume of their rhetoric and build a relationship with Putin that works. Is he tough to get along with, stubborn, and eccentric? Maybe. But there is no excuse for not reaching out regularly, building connections, and finding common ground to promote world peace. Get on it

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