Just getting started

Travel is an amazing thing that, for many, feeds ones soul. The way I view travel is as a continuing educational course. Continuing from what, you ask? Anything! We all know people who travel after High School, College, Grad School, as a gap year, or between jobs. The fact is, when you travel the world truly does become a book, and with every day you spend abroad, you have the luxury of reading another page. From the history to the food to the culture to the politics etc…The list of what you can learn, what you can discover, and what you can see differently is never ending.

I’m writing this blog not just to talk about the book I’ve written, but more so to discuss the lessons I learned while travelling. Many of these lessons are imbedded in the text, so, yes, it’s a good read. But if you want to skip it and learn from my experience, you can. Simply visit my site periodically, like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter and you’ll start receiving my musings.

Some of the topics you’ll read about include developing confidence while travelling, the risks involved in simply taking the first step of the journey, how to plan the trip, and how important it is to believe in oneself. There are so many things to discuss, I’m just excited to get going.

Along the way, I hope we both learn something. I look forward to your thoughts and hearing about your learnings and journeys as we take this road together.

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