Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2014! 

Well-written and absorbing…an affecting coming-of-age memoir…his first person account of life in the Soviet Union at the tail end of the Cold War provides depth that history texts cannot.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Thrilling, bold, and beautifully written, Vodka Shot, Pickle Chaser takes us on a journey into a strange and dangerous world, a place so foreboding and alive and treacherous and real, that one cannot help, as David did, to find his soul there.”-Robert Kurson, Author of Shadow Divers

vodka-shot-pickle-chaser_coverFor David, graduating from college was a matter of course, but figuring out what to do next with his life turns into a paralyzing decision. On a whim, he decides to travel to the Soviet Union. His loose plans call for a thirty-day tour of Leningrad, but after finding himself caught up in the middle of a coup d’état that destabilizes the country, he ends up staying abroad for two and a half tumultuous years. From surviving perilous run-ins with the Russian mafia and the Soviet military, to searching for his lost heritage in a remote village, David’s story is a riveting coming-of-age memoir.

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